Apartments and Offices

private apartments

Private aparments offer the best privacity and independence.
The apartments are completly furnished and located in the best neighborhoods of Buenos Aires.
All units have fully equiped bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, telephone and internet.
This is the ideal choice for those who desire to meet Buenos Aires at their own pace or to those that bring or await company during their stay. It's also ideal for those who are used to live independently.

Family Home: (With or Without mealS)

This lodging option its the ideal for those who seeks constant interaction with Argentines and are interested to participate in the habits and daily life of a local family.
The advantages of living with people who know Buenos Aires perfectly, their customs and places is that you'll have first hand information about the city.
Those who decide to live in a family home will have the choice to share meals with the family or have their own meals. Also they'll have their own furnished room with internet and a telephone to receive phone calls.

Shared Apartments

This option is perfect for those who wish to live with spanish speakers in Buenos Aires.
Roomates are students or young professionals currently living, working or studying, in Buenos Aires and generally are between 20 and 30 years old.
The participants who choose this option prepare their own meals or buy them at bars and restaurants, and experience a high degree of independence but with the advantage of living with someone who already knows Buenos Aires and can help and reccommend the newly arrived about the city.
Every shared apartment has private bedrooms, phone to receive calls and internet access.
This is the reccomended option for those who want independence, prepare their own meals, have more freedom, and for those who feel old to stay at family homes or college residences.