frequently asked questions

1. whats the minimum stay to rent an apartment?

Most aparments published in this site can be reserved for a minimum stay of 15 days. However certain apartments have a minimum stay of 1 month.

2. whats the maximum stay to rent an apartment?

Maximum stay is 6 months, accordingly to the current legislation, with the possibility to renew for 6 more months.

3. which payment methods are accepted?

Rent pay will be canceled only by cash in Dollars or the equivalent in Euros or argentine Pesos at the exchange rate of the pay day. Only exception accepted is Traveler's Checks for the rent deposit guarantee.

4. at what time can I arrive at the apartment?

The passenger is welcomed the 365 days of the year at any time. A member of our staff will welcome the guest at a previously arranged time, with a minimum notice of 72 hours prior to the Check In. Notice that in case the guest desires to be received after office hours (Monday through Friday 9.30AM to 6PM) there will be a U$S 15 late check-in fee collected.

5. do i have to make a rent deposit guarantee?

Yes. The amount depends on the lenght of stay
a) 2 weeks fee: Equivalent to 2 weeks of rent.
b) 1 month fee: Equivalent to 1 month of rent.
c) More than 1 month: Equivalent to 1 month of rent.

6. are there extra charges for gas, power or water use?

Our published rent price includes all the services. In the case of an extreme overuse of Power and Gas, there might be a penalty charge.

7. how often are the apartments cleaned?

Some aparments include a weekly maid service (some cases include new set of sheets, towels, etc.). Please contact us if you desire a more frequent maid service. Every apartment includes two sets of towels and sheets.

8. what happens if i break something?

You have to pay the price displayed in the inventory that you signed at check-in..

9. the prices include tax?

Yes, all taxes are included in the price.

10. is there any fee for contract earyly-cancel?

In case you decide to finalize the contract earlier than the set date, whatever the reason, you will be charged the rent deposit guarantee.